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Product Specifications

Our Ferromanganese is produced through the carbothermal reduction of Manganese Oxide by heating a mixture of the oxides and coke in blast furnaces. The use of Ferromanganese increases the corrosion and abrasion resistance, improves mechanical properties such as strength and hardness of steel products and serves as a deoxidizer during steel production.

High Carbon Ferromanganese Low Phosphorous


Typical Quality: Mn 76% min
Si 1.5% max
C 7.0% max
P 0.15% max
S 0.02% max

10-50mm - 90%

Packing Bigbags á 1 or 2mt or bulk


At Buyers’ request we can deliver also sizes:


10-80 mm 10-100 mm
10-150 mm 50-150 mm

Break Fines High Carbon Ferromanganese


Typical Quality: Mn 65%min - 74% min
Si 2.20% max
C 7.0% max
P 0.15% max
S 0.03% max


Size 0mm - 3mm
 Packing  Bigbags á 1 or 2mt


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